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Kinder Surprise Minnie Mouse Limited Edition Complete Set INDIA 2016 MEGA RARE Federal
A Fine Strategy? Making Deportable Fugitives Pay

Immigration attorneys are in an uproar because U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement is levying fines on illegal aliens who have deportation orders. A more reasonable reaction:…

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When D-List, celebrity, has-beens Andy Cohen and Rosie O’Donnell get together, most Americans don’t expect intellectual analysis and penetrating insight. But O’Donnell’s recent appearance on Bravo’s…

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Cato Change-Up: Now E-Verify Isn’t Tough Enough
At Any Cost Metz GMT Games

The open-borders Cato Institute is back to attacking the federal E-Verify employee-vetting program, asserting that it “let 12 million illegal hires happen since 2006.” Cato bases…

Elder Sign Board Game - w Omens of Ice Expansion Congress

In April, the Washington Post’s Eugene Robinson claimed that President Trump manufactured the immigration crisis. In his new column “This is the reality of Trump’s America,”…