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A Fine Strategy? Making Deportable Fugitives Pay

Immigration attorneys are in an uproar because U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement is levying fines on illegal aliens who have deportation orders. A more reasonable reaction:…

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When D-List, celebrity, has-beens Andy Cohen and Rosie O’Donnell get together, most Americans don’t expect intellectual analysis and penetrating insight. But O’Donnell’s recent appearance on Bravo’s…

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Cato Change-Up: Now E-Verify Isn’t Tough Enough
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The open-borders Cato Institute is back to attacking the federal E-Verify employee-vetting program, asserting that it “let 12 million illegal hires happen since 2006.” Cato bases…

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Democratic policy positions on immigration bear serious analysis at this point, because they are now producing pain, suffering and death every day. Recent reports that seven…